Survey results

BP2017 Exhibitor survey results

  • The number of visitors was rated positively by 98% of exhibitors and, crucially, the quality of attendance was scored positively by 100%. The unique ‘plough to plate’ whole-industry reach of the event remains a key attraction and 85% also favoured its potato-only focus.

  • Numerous exhibitors achieved valuable new deals at the event, while 83% expected to do business as a direct result of it. 70% reported making valuable new contacts and many took the opportunity to launch a new product or service.

  • 98% described the event as well or very well organised and 84% rated it as on a par or better than other events.

  • 97% scored customer service positively, with 55% rating it excellent. Event staff were widely described as helpful, friendly and efficient.

  • Surveys also reconfirmed that the overwhelming majority of exhibitors wanted the show to continue on a two-year cycle (87%), be staged over two days (specifically a Wednesday and Thursday), be timed around the third week of November and located in Harrogate. So that’s exactly what BP2019 is delivering.

  • 95% anticipated exhibiting in 2019, while 3% were unsure.

The unique showcase for the whole of the potato industry